Honda S2000 Shifter Rebuild Kit

Honda S2000 Shifter Rebuild Kit

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The S2000 shifter is probably one of the best available from any OEM. It's direct, precise and refined. But the best sword has it's moment. With these cars approaching 20 years of age, the internal components wear out and break overtime.

If you are experiencing notchy shifter feels, hard to go into gear, or something just doesn't feel right, we recommend rebuilding your OEM shifter. The plastic shifter bushing tend to break with age, other plastic components also break easily while removing the shifter assembly. Our shifter rebuild kit has all the parts needed to refresh your shifter.

  • Fitment: 2000-2009 Honda S2000
  • OEM Honda Part Numbers*:
    • 54107-S2A-003
    • 54109-S2A-013
    • 54110-S2A-003
    • 54111-S2A-003
    • 54117-S2A-003
    • 74699-S2A-000
    • Honda Hi Temp Urea Grease - 5 grams

*Note: Individual parts available for purchase separately