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Looking for something specific for your project? No worries, we are here to help!

We understand looking through pages after pages of catalogs, forums and webpages to find the right part is annoying. And after hours of searching and realized its out of stock or discontinued would definitely blown your intake manifold. So let us take care of it. Let OEM Plus find the right part for you!

Other than genuine OEM parts from different brands, we are authorized dealers for major aftermarket performance brands. From Enkei, BC Racing, Hardrace, ASM Yokohama, SPOON Sports, Recaro, and Rays. If it's in stock, usually it takes a few business days to get to our shop for local pickup. You don't have to worry about your parts being stolen by your neighbors who are jealous of your cool build and/or porch pirates. We can also safely and securely ship directly to your front door as well if you aren't in SD. 

If you are new to modifying your car, we welcome you to our world. It is understandable that taking the first step is difficult. Facebook groups and forums have turned into a toxic environment for new comers. With our experience in different platforms, we can provide guidance and support for you goals.

Simply fill out the form below, start an online chat with one of our staff members or give us a call @ 619-905-0162. We will get back to you within 24-48 hours.

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