About Us

OEMPlus, LLC was created in July of 2019. It began as a general idea to provide a higher-quality experience when it comes to purchasing automotive parts. We are located in San Diego, California but cater to like-minded enthusiasts across the world.

The name "OEM Plus" is not an original idea. We are not entirely sure who coined the phrase, but it likely came from the euro auto enthusiast scene. It originally meant using Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts that were available from other models and sometimes makes, to create a user experience that was not originally offered. This created a custom configuration that integrated the high quality fit and finish that a true factory component usually has.

We took that ideology and applied it to the aftermarket as well. Our belief was that even when choosing performance parts like suspension and aero components, they should be held to a high standard where everything should fit and work as if it was intended to come from the factory that way. Additional features shouldn't take from another function unless absolutely necessary.

Added to the functional experience, we felt that the purchasing experience was to be improved upon. We have a strong policy of not collecting your hard earned money unless we can provide a true lead time and/or inventory confirmation that you agree upon. That applies to everything we offer and those that we do not actively advertise. It is near impossible for us to show every single part we offer because our line card and accounts cover almost every single car and brand available out there. It could be hard to believe, but if it is available to be purchased from our website, we actually have it ready to go.

That means, if you're looking to restore your golden era Honda or prepare your BMW for the next track day, we are here to help.

Our team is small - the shop is ran by myself (John) and the vice president, Kai. It is very likely when you reach out to our live chat or support email, you are speaking to one of us. The entire purchase experience is managed by us - from order inquiry, inventory verification, payment confirmation, and beyond.

About Us

From left to right - Billson (media/photographer), John (Founder, President), and Kai (Vice President). Photo Credits: Edwin Cabrera